Tools Delfi Real Estate Platform Everything you need in one place

The most complete and tested transactional evidence database for the Greek & Cypriot real estate market with over 1 million recent asking prices & over 255 thousand actual transactions.

Interact with data in an incredibly easy & user-friendly way. The platform provides upon request access to a massive data pool covering the entire analytics pallet, from data collection, to deep analysis & visualization.

Interactive Maps & Tools

Our interactive maps have everything you need to know regarding the real estate market. Gain valuable real estate insights by easily accessing large amount of complex data & improve your navigation experience with a couple of clicks.

Some of key features summarized below:

  • Real time country, district and parish level analysis
  • Dynamic demand and supply indicators and heatmaps
  • District level transactional evidence analysis shows real-time actual comparable price movements
  • Data intelligence enhanced from over EUR 20bn in real estate valuations reviewed manually by in-house valuation experts
  • Pre-defined report templates can be exported at a regional level to show: Price Trends, Transaction volume by region and property type across time, Catchment area analysis for the area
Real-time regional Transactions Data Analysis

Realize the full value of the regional data by discovering real-time transactional data at country, district and municipality level & better support investments and business strategies.

Some of key features summarized below:

  • Outsource your data analysis through our platform
  • Identify and pinpoint upcoming regions through enhanced data intelligence
  • View in actual transactions and asking prices for assets in the vicinity
  • Export asset reports in real time on the fly
  • Cleaned and reviewed transactional data to eliminate data inconsistencies
  • User-defined range for analysis of transactional evidence and asking prices for any property
  • Easily identify real estate price movements and hot/ cold regions
Tested Portfolio AVM modelling across multiple projects

Make accurate, reliable & quick valuations using the most detailed analysis in transactional data and asking prices in Greece & Cyprus.

Our Automated Valuation Model uses:

  • Over 100k recent asking prices
  • Over 3000k actual transactions
  • Supported by over €25bn valued